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  1. CRETA/ix25 General Discussion, Launch, and Longterm review

    2020+ Hyundai Creta/ix25 General Discussion Forum
    Hello, Fellow petrolheads, Please feel free to share your opinions and thoughts about the Creta, current-gen and previous-gen. As the new Gen is to be launched somewhere in march 2020, we can shed some light on what changes can/would be made to the launch model. Currently being displayed at...
  2. CRETA VS competition

    2020+ Hyundai Creta/ix25 Versus The Competition
    This discussion group is to focus on a detailed outlook on how well the creta fairs against its competition. As this mid and sub compact Suv segment has grown exponentially in the past few years we will be considering most the SUV's under the 25L mark.
  3. 2020 Hyundai Creta Image Gallery

    2020+ Hyundai Creta/ix25 Pictures
    Here are some official pictures of the new Creta. We can see the interiors in detail too, let's discuss everything about these images/new features in this thread.
  4. 2020 Hyundai Creta - Auto Expo Launch?

    2020+ Hyundai Creta/ix25 News
    News and speculations have been going around about the new Creta. Most of the Indian automotive publications have been posting about Creta's launch date and some are suggesting that Hyundai might actually showcase the new Creta at the Auto Expo. Does anyone have any confirmation on this?
  5. Hyundai Creta Subcompact SUV Rendered

    2020+ Hyundai Creta/ix25 News
    Sub-compact crossovers are the next hot thing and Hyundai is giving us a good look at what it’s planning for the segment. Called the Creta, this rendering from the Korean automaker emphasizes the upcoming car’s sleek profile. Delivering a sporty look it has blacked out A-pillars, like a Land...