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Hi Everyone,

Need help here...
I have purchased Creta in Apr 2021, and I am finding issue with my Creta infotainment system buttons, Power On/Off, MAP, Radio, and Media all the buttons on the horizontal bar, none are working since last week, but touch screen is working as expected.

I have reported this issue to the dealer, firstly they tried to upgrade the version but had no luck, still the same issue. Now the dealer representative (Supervisor) stated that they will send my car's infotainment system to the Hyundai to check out and asked to hand over my car for 15 - 20 days.

Now I am a bit worried.
It's been less than 1 and a half years only to purchase a car and I am clueless that why I am getting such issues with the infotainment system, even the dealer supervisor is not able to give a satisfactory answer.

Please help me out if anyone has faced the same issue and what should I do if the dealer is asking to hand over my car for 15 - 20 days as I and my family are dependent on my car for our daily commute.

Thank You,
Manjul Dixit
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