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Not satisfied with the performance of my new Creta on slightly bad roads

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My Creta SX optional IVT petrol is only 2 months old, total running so far is around 2400 kms.

I am very happy so far with my Creta except one issue that keeps me guessing. I find that my car is butter smooth on good roads. Noise insulation is also very good. But when the road is not good, the rode quality is not good to my liking. A car with this price tag is expected to absorb more jerks. I would say it performs just average but definitely there are rooms for improvement when it comes to shock absorption.

Thoughts? What are your observations in this regard? Would love to hear..
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I agree with your comment. The ride quality gets much worse on bumpy roads, feels like riding in rickshaw and forced to slow down the car. I miss the punto fiat, it would just glide over the pothole filled roads.
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